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Germany, 1870 – Claus Thun
As researched and sent in by his granddaughter-in-law, Pearl Thunn.


Here is a man, Claus Thun, son of Claus and Anna (Elsabe Kuehl) Thun, born on May 15, 1841, at Bargstedt, Holstein, Germany. He left for America at Hamburg, Germany on May 4, 1870 on a steam ship, Allemania, Captain Barends. Arrived in New York on May 20, 1870.

He went to Bennington, Nebraska, to buy land to be a farmer. He registered in 1880 census, Washington County, Blair, Nebraska. In March 9, 1874, bought 160 acres land in 1874 – 1877 in Richmond Township.

Met Helena Auch, a son was born to Claus and Helena, March 22, 1885. [Claus] must not be happy, wanted to travel more…. Not knowing if [he] had a son, he left for Whitmore, California, with a bunch of Germans to buy land. Wonder how they traveled. He was an independent man, life on his own.

George Thun, the son of Claus.
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… Helena [took care] of the baby, George Auch Thunn [Pearl’s father-in-law]. By the time [George] was seven years old, Helena, at the age of 31, married Carl Thomsen at Blair in 1892.

In 1894, tragedy struck Helena, as she died… at the age of 33. George was nine years old [and was then raised by Helena’s relatives.]…

On November 16, 1891, Claus purchased 160 acres at $1.25 an acre at Whitmore, California, Shasta County. Only to find out when Germans arrived, the land was virgin forest. Claus was a founding member of the South Cow Creek Irrigating Ditch Company of German Ditch.

Claus became a citizen of the United States…in Redding, California, on April 29, 1890. He registered to vote the same day. He was a farmer living at Whitmore, California. Found Claus in the great register…age 54 years, height 5’3", light complexion, blue eyes.

Claus sold his property plus water shares for $1200 in 1896.

Again, he traveled to Yellow Pine, Alabama. Claus purchased land from the Fruitdale Land Company. Paid $200 for this land in St. Louis, Missouri, 1896…

In 1907, he died at the age of 66, buried at Fruitdale Cemetery, Alabama, Washington County. A deed selling off Claus’ land in Fruitdale in 1907 to George Auch Thun of Douglas County, Nebraska, Claus’s only heir. George was 22 years old. He found Claus’s land was defrauded and [only worth $100.]

Ending up as fate or countrified, father and son both buried in [counties named Washington County], only Claus, the father, buried… [in] Fruitdale, Alabama, and George, the son, buried in… Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska.

It took me some 30 years to find this long lost grandfather, Claus Thun.





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