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Portugal: Four generations back - Mora Family
As told by the great-great-granddaughter, Deana Fern


My great-great grandfather is from Portugal, and he immigrated to the United States. I don’t know what year he did. He came over originally with the last name of Mora. He came through New York at the Statue of Liberty, and they gave him and a hundred other immigrants the last name of Fernandez. My grandfather was taking a job, and he had to shorten Fernandez to Fern, because it sounded too Mexican, and they were highly prejudiced back then of Mexican people to give them jobs, so he shortened the name to Fern. That’s how I got my last name.

GM: Do you know why your great-great grandfather came from Portugal? DF: Wanted to start a new life, the land of opportunity. That was the thing back then for them.


GM: Do you know if others came with him? DF: Yeah, the whole Mora family which consisted of about 30 – 40.

GM: How old were you when you were first told the story? DF: Twelve. My father gave me the option of changing my name to Mora if I wanted to, but I just decided to keep Fern. That’s all I know.





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