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More Stories: - Immigrant Stories Archive - The story of U.S. immigrants in their own words - Stories of Today's Immigrants -100-stories

A project collecting stories of Chinese-Americans who were detained at Angel Island, San Francisco "Roots" papers written by students at SUNY — Binghamton - Stories of immigrants from Basque

Italian American Cultural Organization Honoring Families Who Emigrated to America from Southern Italy and Sicily

Historical Information: More good information about Ellis Island and a good list of the amount of information available from there. Suggested by the kids at Enriching Kids Program. Thanks, guys! It’s a great resource! - Database of over 200,000 passengers who arrived at the United States from Ireland between 1846 through 1851 - Searchable database of records on over half a million passengers who arrived at the United States between 1846 through 1851 and identified their country of origin as Ireland or ethnicity as Irish. - Records on over half a million passengers who arrived at the United States between 1834 through 1897 and identified their country of origin or nationality as Armenia, Finland, Galicia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Russian Poles, or Ukraine.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum - About the CD-ROM of The Ellis Island Experience – Angel Island - from a 1917 book - Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota - About Jewish immigrants and creating the American Jew


“The Keeping Quilt” by Patricia Polacco. A book for children about coming to the US from Russia

“Immigrant Kids” by Russell Freedman. About the difficulties for children of immigrants around 1900. Good graphics. Could be used in curriculum for schools with many children of immigrant parents.

“My Name is America” series of various diaries and journals, some of which are of young immigrants coming to the US.

Desireable Daughters

"Lost in America: A Journey with My Father" by Sherwin B. Nuland

"Ellis Island Interviews" by Peter Morton Coan

"Toward a Better Life: America's New Immigrants in Their Own Words--from Ellis Island to the Present" by Peter M. Coan

"Red Blues: Voices from the Last Wave of Russian Immigrants" (Ellis Island Series) by Dennis Shasha and Marina Shron (Jun 2002)

Researching family histories:

Genealogy: Advice for Effective Searches

Family Tree Searcher - Find Family Trees Easily

Ellis Island

Family Treemaker Online


Other interesting sites: - for help with attaining citizenship - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), formed to help the world's refugees.

An artist who is foreign born incorporates his dual cultural connections in his work

Poetry of Angel Island - concerning foreign born people



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