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This agreement and release is entered into between (type in your name)  ("Interviewee") and Gretchen Morgan.

Interviewee has agreed to be interviewed by Gretchen Morgan for the purposes of obtaining oral histories of immigrants to the United States and the reasons for coming to the United States. The interview may be recorded or transcribed in written, audio, video, or electronic format for subsequent use and publication. Interviewee may also be photographed in connection with the interview. In consideration of the mutual desire of Gretchen Morgan and interviewee for interviewee’s participation in the use and publication of interviewee’s recorded and/or electronically submitted statements and accompanying photographs, interviewee, on behalf of himself or herself, and on behalf of interviewee’s heirs, successors and assigns, consents to participate in the interview or interviews to be conducted by Gretchen Morgan and to the recording or transcription, photographing and/or taping and use of the photographs, tapes, recordings, electronic submissions, or transcriptions associated with the interviewee’s statements.

Interviewee agrees and acknowledges that Gretchen Morgan is the sole owner of all rights in and to the recorded statements and accompanying photographs and electronic submissions, audio, or videotapes of interviewee obtained from the subject interviews for all purposes and that Gretchen Morgan has the right, among other things, to use the recorded and written statements and accompanying materials of interviewee an unlimited number of times in any publication or other distribution of the recorded or transcribed statements, electronic submissions, photographs and/or audio or videotapes of interviewee, alone or with the recorded statements, photographs and/or audio or videotapes of other interviewees.

Interviewee hereby releases to Gretchen Morgan any and all right, title and interest in the recorded and/or electronic statements and accompanying materials, and agrees and acknowledges that such right, title and ownership interest includes all republication and/or rebroadcasts of interviewee’s recorded statements and accompanying materials, together with all rights in the selling, advertising, distribution, use of the statements and materials in other media, or inclusion in publications containing the works of Gretchen Morgan or other authors. Gretchen Morgan shall have and retain the sole right to use of interviewee’s recorded and/or electronic statements and accompanying materials for purposes of advertising, promoting, selling and otherwise merchandising publications or compilations of statements by interviewee, alone, or with recorded statements of other interviewees.

I agree.


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